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Inspection Equipment

(1) 14” Jones and Lampson Optical Comparator with Power Feed and Digital Readout

(1) Mitutoyo Tool Makers Microscope with Digital Readout

(2) Sunnen Gages with Probes and Setting Fixture .125 – 3.5000 Range

(14) .00005 Swiss Etalon Super Micrometers

(2) Ono Sokki Digital Linear Gages

(2) PRETEC Model 2701 Gage, graduations .00005, Range .030 with 
Pretec Amplifier System (Model 1070.10) with analog memory element

(1) Brown & Sharpe Ultra Bench Micrometer, 0-4” range, .00005 graduations

(1) GAR Air Gage, range .006, graduations .0001, with assorted probes and test rings

(1) Mitutoyo Digimatic Mini-Processor Model DP-1 HS, range 0-1”, graduations .00005

(1) 24” x 36” Certified Granite Surface Plate

(3) Sets Certified Gage Blocks

(2) Certified Rockwell Hardness Testers

(1) Mitutoyo Height Master 13” with 6” Riser Block

Complete stock of Micrometers and Inspection Tools  

Complete stock of Standard Thread Ring and Plug Gages

Complete stock of Indicators to .00005

Complete stock of Precision Deltronic Plug Gages